Built from the ground up is 100% committed to using the finest products and techniques in order to have a sparkling clean oven first time EVERY TIME!

ALL Technicians are fully trained and approved to clean a range of appliances from DOMESTIC OVENS to COMMERCIAL KITCHENS.


For a complete, professional deep clean service. OvenMaid Technicians will work tirelessly to reproduce showroom-like conditions to your appliances through a vigorous process, this is not just a wipe down and polish! We remove all racks, trays, fan covers and bulb covers, we then go to work on making your appliance like new using the best products and techniques available!


The racks, trays, and doors are then treated in our custom dip tank, soaking the deep built-up grime and grease. Using the best products and techniques available, your oven will be ready to use straight away, no waiting for fumes to dissipate, so let's get cooking!



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